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    Low deposit and the opportunity of winning much? All you need is a good combination of numbers, little courage and luck! People in ancient Egypt had already desired to acquire the property thanks to „favour of destiny“. The first archaeological evidence of lottery and gaming has been found there. Did you know that  China built the legendary Great Wall of China thanks to the betting games and their positive impact on the economy? In 1530, the first cash prize for winning the lottery was recorded in Florence and a few years later during the reign of Elizabeth I. hundreds of thousands of bets for prizes such as porcelain, money and precious fabrics were placed. In the last two centuries lotto has spread in Europe, even in Netherlands, there has been the oldest lottery in the world since 1726 - The Netherlands Lottery.
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    Lottery is very popular these days. 32 million lotto tickets are purchased in one week only in the UK. According to the UK Euromillions statistic, these are the lucky numbers that are drawn at the highest frequency as the winning ones: 3, 5, 50, 12, ... Perhaps it is also due to various programs that can generate the odds of winning the lottery. Playing lottery has never been easier!
    So far, the world's largest jackpot was a whopping $ 656 million in American MEGAMillions lottery. The things you could buy for this amount include 225 Bugatti Veyron cars (the most expensive car in the world), 5 private jet airplanes Boeing 767 or 82 years in the presidential suite in one of America's most luxurious hotels The Four Seasons.

    Although the stories of people who won the magic sums differ, they have one thing in common. It has changed their lives forever, it has broadened their horizons and made their dreams and desires come true.
    One English family with average income has recently won the second largest jackpot in the history of the country, £148 million in EuroMillions. They bought a big house and a luxury car they have dreamed about for a long time, they started a business, took the children to visit Canada and Disneyland and now they donate to children's charities. Today, they stand 516th in the list of the UK‘s richest people.

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