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Draw Time
Dec 3, 2022

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How to Play New Zealand Lotto Online

  • 6x number 1-40
  • 1x Bonus Ball
  • Draw every Wednesday at 20:20 and Saturday at 20:00 local time
  • Jackpot price
  • Additional 6 secondary prizes

How to Win the New Zealand Lotto Jackpot

  • Match all 6 numbers 
  • Fixed jackpot of NZ$1 million

What is the Difference Between New Zealand Lotto and NZ Powerball Lotto

New Zealand Lotto's huge popularity lead lottery officials to create Powerball Lotto. While they might seem like two totally separate lotteries, they are actually the exact same game, with a very rewarding twist! Playing New Zealand Powerball Lotto is simply NZ Lotto with the Powerball play option added onto it. To win Powerball Lotto, players must match the 6 winning Lotto numbers, in addition to a Powerball number which is drawn from a guess range of 1-10. One great thing about playing Powerball Lotto is that Lotto's bonus number is still counted; meaning players get to win from double the number of prize divisions!

The biggest difference between them though has got to be the jackpot prize:

  • Lotto jackpot stands at NZ$1 million in every draw
  • Powerball Lotto jackpot starts at NZ$4 million and can reach an incredible NZ$50 million before it needs to be won

April 14, 2015 at 2:46 PM

72025303133 12
# Match Payout (NZ$) Winning odds
1 6 333333 1:3838380
2 5 + B 21584 1:639730
3 5 723 1:19386
4 4 + B 56 1:7754
5 4 32 1:485
6 3 + B 22 1:363
7 3 2.8 1:35