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Lotto 6aus49
Draw Time
Dec 3, 2022

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LOTTO 6aus49 is the leading lottery in Germany and a favourite of lotto players all over Europe and the world.

How to Play German Lotto Online

  • 6x number 1-49 + 1x PowerBall 0-9 (Super Number)
  • Draw every Wednesday at 18:25 CET and Saturday at 19:25 CET
  • Jackpot price
  • Additional 8 secondary prizes

Germany’s top lottery is known for regularly making millionaires with both its first and even second place prize, which can be won by matching only six of the winning numbers!

How to Win the German Lotto Jackpot

  • Match all 6 numbers and Super Number
  • Starting jackpot of €1 million
  • Maximum duration for a rollover streak to 13 draws
  • Roll over until it reaches a cap of €45 million, the next draw will offer a must-be-won jackpot. If in that draw there are still no tickets that match the six main numbers and the additional Super Number, the entire prize amount is split amongst the winners of the next highest prize division. Thanks to this rule, you can win the German Lotto jackpot by matching just 6, or even 5 of the winning numbers!

What is the German Lotto Super Number

The German Lotto has nine incredible prize divisions, five of which will require the Super Number. The Super Number, or “Superzahl”, is an additional number with a guess range of 0-9 that is used to create the German Lotto jackpot prize as well as the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th prize divisions. 

The highest prize you can win without the Super Number is the match-6 second place prize. Because the German LOTTO 6aus49 has one of the most generous second prizes of any world lottery, you can win prizes worth one or several million without matching the Super Number!

April 15, 2015 at 4:28 PM

11521374243 1
# Match Payout (€) Winning odds
1 6 + PB 17473595.8 1:139838160
2 6 3716216 1:15537573
3 5 + PB 20675 1:542008
4 5 7401.3 1:60223
5 4 + PB 327.4 1:10324
6 4 77.4 1:1147
7 3 + PB 34 1:567
8 3 15.4 1:63
9 2 + PB 6 1:76